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(12:38:23) jdr: aargh: can you see
(12:38:51) superbenk: jdr: I'm not even seeing your IP in the error logs
(12:38:54) criswell: jdr: that comes later
(12:38:55) aargh: jdr: i can get to
(12:39:04) criswell: i can get to not that i want to
(12:39:07) jdr: really!?
(12:39:14) aargh: criswell: ditto
(12:39:17) superbenk: hey!
(12:39:19) criswell: hah :-D
(12:39:31) aargh: all i see is fat guy in the jungle
(12:39:45) jdr: aaarrrgghhh!
(12:39:48) criswell: hahahaha what?
(12:40:01) superbenk: wtf!?
(12:40:12) criswell: i dont see a fat guy in the jungle?
(12:40:23) aargh: go to and humor yourself
(12:40:35) superbenk: I'm not fat there
(12:40:48) schultmc: medium fat maybe
(12:40:50) schultmc: not fat fat
(12:40:59) superbenk: no... I was pretty non-fat there
(12:41:00) criswell: "big boned"
(12:41:15) criswell: seriously... i see no fat guy in a jungle
(12:41:25) schultmc: it's a desert
(12:41:30) schultmc: or savannah?
(12:41:31) criswell:
(12:41:35) aargh: yeah fat guys love desserts
(12:41:36) aargh: heh
(12:41:48) jdr: aargh: if you can't tell the difference between a jungle and a desert, you have issues
(12:41:57) aargh: i just call everything a jungle
(12:42:06) aargh: its a very marklar thing
(12:42:16) superbenk: it's a very retard thing
(12:42:22) jdr: indeed
(12:42:35) jdr: almost as retarded as me not being able to see
(12:42:37) criswell: i need to drive my jungle to the jungle to drop off my jungle at the jungle
(12:42:37) superbenk: the pornstache has grown into his brain
(12:42:40) jdr: wtf
(12:42:56) aargh: criswell: heh
(12:43:04) criswell: aargh: can you post a picture of what you see?
(12:43:10) criswell: i really wanna see the fat guy in the jungle
(12:43:38) ***superbenk wishes there were jungles in Tucson
(12:44:12) criswell:
(12:44:50) criswell:
(12:45:06) aargh:
(12:45:19) criswell: hahah that's your fat guy in the jungle!
(12:45:38) schultmc: There's an unattractive nude man surfing the web
(12:45:39) aargh: well medium-fat guy in a very dry jungle
(12:46:04) aargh: criswell: thanks for the images, now i can't sleep for a week or eat granola bars ever again
(12:47:35) jdr: aargh: traceroute
(12:48:47) aargh: and?
(12:48:56) jdr: did it make it all the way?
(12:48:59) aargh: you want me to post it somewhere?
(12:49:04) jdr: no
(12:49:18) jdr: but it didn't get hung up at
(12:49:31) jdr: around hop 12 or 13
(12:49:32) aargh: yeah its hung up there
(12:49:36) jdr: oh
(12:49:42) jdr: and yet you can see superk
(12:49:45) jdr: hrmm
(12:49:47) aargh: yep
(12:49:56) jdr: superbenk: I blame you
(12:50:06) criswell: aargh: here is your fat guy in jungle
(12:50:23) aargh: that's horrible